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Aksu Zhabagly - the first and the oldest reserve of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

The reserve "Aksu-Zhabagly" Decision of the CPC organized by Kazakh ASSR on July 14, 1926 and SNK RSFSR of 27 May 1927 on area of 30545 hectares. In 1929 the reserve was attached to the canyon of the Aksu River. In 1935 the area was increased to 48,570 hectares - were joined the valley of the rivers and Bala Baldybrek. The flora of the reserve Aksu-Zhabagly, according to the latest data, includes 1737 species, includes 235 species of fungi, 64 species of lichens, 63 species of algae and bryophytes and 1312 species of higher plants. Reserve Emblem - tulip Greyga, which became the subject of exports. . The size of its purple-red petals is 12-15 cm V-7 to include fish species, the most common of them - ordinary marinka and osman .In Reserve met 11 vie-ing reptiles and 3 species of amphibians, representing more than 70% of the regional fauna these groups, and 3 species listed in the Red Kazahsta-to book. The greatest concern is to protect legless lizard - glass-lizard. Of the vertebrates are the most numerous bird fauna, it includes 267 species. Of these birds nest on the reserve 130 species, while the remaining 137 are the span, vagrants or wintering in the Red Book listed 11 species, in addition 2 more bird species recognized by IUCN (IUCN) globally threatened - corncrake and white-winged woodpecker.

Tour information:

Distance 200 km.

Travel time 2.5 hours.

Departure to Aksu-Dzhabagly


- Drive to the gorge of the Western Tien Shan mountains, near the Aksu-Dzhabagly nature reserve.

- Aksu gorge

- Rest on the bank of a mountain river.

- Walk through the juniper forest along the gorge along the Bala Baldyberek river.

- Inspection of the confluence of two mountain rivers, crystal clear river Bala Baldyberek and turquoise river Baldyberek

Departure to Shymkent

Price per person (group of 4 people): 60$

Price per person (group of 10 people): 30$

Price per person (group of 20 people): 25$