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Horse tours

Village Kaskasu Dihankol and located 30 km from the town of Lenger

Species horse tours

There are several options for horseback tours - the level of service, the method of travel accommodation and transport support. As for the service, during the route, or perhaps self (itself prepared - he ate), or the work of cooks and grooms.

Tourists can be placed in a camp or a camp site, in the hotel or turpriyute. The first option is more romantic, but others - safer.

The horse tour is also possible to go to transport, which carries all the necessary cargo or without it - then all the equipment goes to the horses. In this case, it is necessary to select the hardiest animals.

All routes are also divided by level of difficulty. There are for beginners, mid-level travelers and seasoned travelers. The simplest lasts a few hours, others can stretch into days and weeks. Again, much depends on the endurance of the horses and the people, because it is not easy to sit every day in the saddle for 7-8 hours.

In addition, horseback riding tours vary in length. For example, if you come to rest on a camp site, where horseback riding is part of the program, most of the journey will take only 2-4 hours. And there are multi-day routes with intermediate stops. During these transitions, you can go through hundreds of kilometers, and even to cross several borders.

Finally, there are special winter tours - they capture only those areas which are suitable for walking in this time of year. For example, in the winter it is difficult to walk through the mountain trails. Basically selected lowland areas, river banks and lakes.

Features of equestrian tourism

The main feature is in the form of transport. Horse - it's not a car, not a bike and not a plane. It requires special care and handling. During these walks a person gets the opportunity to communicate with animals. He learns to feel and understand them. The horse is not a mechanism, which can put a "spare tire" or change the oil, and then it will be acquired quickly and go. It needs a different approach.

Therefore, horse riding is not suitable for everyone. Before the tour, it is worth thinking about whether you are willing to take responsibility for the animal. Not everyone agrees to these terms. But it is quite normal - to equestrian tourism, they say, it needs to grow.

Another feature of these trails is that the majority is held by reserves and national parks, mountain and forest trails. This is a good opportunity to become intimately familiar with the nature of different places, to study it. This horseback riding tours cheaper than, for example, road.

Horse tours in Sayram Ugam 1000 tenge / hour