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Pilgrimage tours

the holy places of SKO with a ritual sacrifice. Duration 3 days / 2 nights

to the holy places of SK with the ritual sacrifice

Duration 3 days / 2 nights




Meeting of the group with (airport / railway station, etc.)


Check out the village Kemekalgan.

  • Mount Kazygurt
  • Noah's Ark,
  • cleansing from sin rock "Adam and Eve" (the passage between the two),
  • three medical source,
  • stone statues of animals.
  • boost of energy from a magic stone "Dastarkhan»
Check in s.Sayram
  • to the mausoleum "Ibrahim Ata" (H.A. Yassavi father)
  • to the mausoleum "Karashash-ana" (H.A. Yassavi mother)
Lunch Check in with. Shaulder
mausoleum "Arystan bab" (teacher and spiritual mentor H.A. Yassavi)
Selecting a sheep for the sacrifice, subtraction Quran before sunset.
Accommodation in the hotel "Arystan Baba"



Check to Turkestan

  • in the historical and architectural complex "Azret-Sultan" in a mausoleum H.A.Yassavi
  • Seen settlement Turkestan, necropolis, a fragment of the citadel of the fortress wall with a gate, Hammam, underground mosque hilvet.
  • buying souvenirs.
Lunch in the city of Turkestan accommodation in hotel «Edem»
Check to the sacred well Ukash Ata (commander of the Prophet Muhammad), where each will receive the portion of the water, which is destined to.
Dinner in Turkestan



Check in with. Shayan

Visit Gauhar ana, Abdel Aziz Shashty baba, baba Yskak, Grotto Ak Mosque - an underground passage linking Ispidzhab and Iasi


  • mausoleum "Domalak-Ana" with the ritual ablution (the youngest wife of the national hero, the founder of the Kazakh tribes Zhuz Baidibek-Ata, is a symbol of motherhood and goodness)
  • unique water source
Dinner at the "Tourist" restaurant
Seeing at the w / d (air)

The price includes: comfortable bus (minibus), meeting-seeing, tour guide, tour guide, accommodation in a 3 * guest. and 3 meals a day, all excursions.

The price does not include: purchase of a ram for the sacrifice.

Guided tour in the recruitment of 20 people. -140$ per person and 120$ at 50 + 1