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We invite you to visit one of the ancient cities of Kazakhstan - Otrar.

Reserve-Museum covers a total area - 3048.5 sq.m .. The composition of Otrar state archaeological reserve-museum consists of 4 archaeological monument of national significance, 216 archeological monuments of local importance. These includes the ancient city of Otrar oasis: Otrartobe, Kuyryktobe, Kokmardan, Altyntobe, Aktobe, Zhalpaktobe, Arystan Bab Mausoleum and other historical monuments In the ethnographic section are exhibits of XIX-XX centuries, collected by the local population - household items, jewelry, musical instruments , tools associated with nomadic cattle breeding, agriculture, fishing, hunting. There are items and falconry, closely related to the spiritual culture of the people and the yurt. The most valuable exhibits - inlay made of bone, silver belt with gold jewelry - earrings, rings, pendants sholpy Plait adornments. They give a special exhibition shine. In museum also organized library Abu Nasir al-Farabi. Its collections are stored more than 3,000 publications, the works of al-Farabi and his followers.

Otrar - one of the oldest cities of Central Asia. In the Arab sources the city is called Farab. The first settlement on the site of the city arose in the VIII century. The town began to develop rapidly, as was one of the main branches of the Silk Road. By the XII century - it was the largest trade center of crafts and art, where there were palaces, caravanserais and urban neighborhoods. One of the biggest attractions of the city was Arystan Bab Mausoleum built by Timur. Ruines of city located in the south of Kazakhstan near the village Talapty, nearby is a modern city of Turkestan, but where are cities. Here can be found the ruins of medieval settlements, but the most impressive are the ruins of Otrar.

The mausoleum on the grave of a teacher and spiritual mentor of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi religious mystic and preacher Arystan Baba.Mausoleum is located in 150 kilometers of the city of Shymkent, near Otrar and village Shaulder Otrar district of South Kazakhstan region. Architectural monument. One of the main places of worship of Muslims in the region. Since 1982 Arystan Baba mausoleum is under the state protection.

Tour information:

Distance 450 km.

Travel time 3.5 hours.

Departure to Otrar


-historical and local history museum "Otyrar,"

-mausoleum "Arystan bab" (teacher and spiritual mentor H.A. Yassavi),

-archeological excavations in the settlement of Otyrar,

-Mausoleum H.A. Yassavi,


-fragments of the fortress wall of the citadel with gates,

-oriental bath,

-underground mosque Hilvet,

-Juma mosque,

-Museum of the history of the ancient city of Iassy

Departure to Shymkent

Price per person (group of 4 people): 100 $

Price per person (group of 10 people): 35$

Price per person (group of 20 people): 30$