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Программа для школьников

South Kazakhstan is the epicenter of architectural monuments of antiquity. This is where the Kazakh part of the Great Silk Roard begins.

Important historical events in the history of the state and the Kazakh people have been preserverd to this day in the form of cultural and hisorical.In different historical periods, due to its geographical location, the territory of the region was the arena of political and economic events in Central Asia.

There are 1209 historical and cultural monuments in the region: 1001 belong to architectural monuments.

Program for schoolchildren:




Group meeting

Hotel accommodation



Mount Kazygurt

  • Noah's Ark, the cleansing rock "Adam and Eve"
  • holy springs, stone animal statues
  • energy boost at the magic stone "Dastarkhan"

Departure to Sairam


  • to the Museum of History and Local Lore "Sairam", Mar-tobe
  • to the mausoleum "Ibrahim-Ata" (father of H.A. Yassavi)
  • to the mausoleum "Karashash-Ana" (mother of H.A. Yassavi)
  • to the medieval minaret


Return to hotel


Departure to Otrar region with. Shaulder


  • To the local history museum "Otyrar"
  • In the mausoleum "Arystan bab"
  • To the archaeological site.
  • Lunch in Turkestan


  • To the historical and architectural complex "Azret-Sultan"
  • In the mausoleum of Kh.A. Yassawi
  • Visiting the settlement Turkestan, necropolis
  • Fragment of the fortress wall
  • Citadels with gates, eastern baths
  • Hilvet underground mosque
  • Museum of History of Turkestan

Return to Shymkent



  • Dendropark
  • Zoo
  • Zhaylaukol


  • City tour

Seeing off

Tour cost per person:

With a group 10+1

25.800 tenge

With a group 20+1

13.200 tenge

With a group 30+1

10.200 tenge

The price includes: meals, transfer, accommodation in a 3 * hotel, guide, entrance tickets.